Globally inspired, locally sourced

Childhood friends & owners Casey O'Brien and Eric Schindele have partnered up with local Executive Chef Patrick McKee, to bring a delightful new food and drink venue to the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood, on NE Fremont St.

Perlot offers live jazz every Friday and Saturday night, hosting some of the best talent in the Northwest, with rarely a cover!  We're also excited to bring our patrons live jazz brunch on Sundays, with music from 10 - 1! 


The story of perlot...

Perlot is the name of partner Eric Schindele's  great, great, great uncle who, in 1850, came to America from Belgium to seek fortunes in gold mining.  Sailing from France, around the very southern tip of South America and up to the coast of California, they landed in the Monterey Bay and mined gold near the Yosemite Valley.  Jean-Nicolas Perlot spent seven years in the area mining gold and also helped to develop the first public trail in Yosemite.  In 1857 he traveled to Portland on his way to a known source of gold along the Columbia River, but had to stay during a difficult winter in Portland.

During his stay in the coming spring, Jean-Nicolas noticed that there was no production of vegetables for the public.  Having befriended William Ankeny, they agreed to use Ankeny’s homestead to garden and produce vegetables for local sale, splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Later Jean-Nicholas purchased his own property to expand his farming.   At one point William Ankeny asked Jean-Nicolas to landscape his property, and afterwards, landscaped the properties of many prominent early Portlanders, starting another lucrative business in early Portland history.   Jean-Nicolas became known in portland as the “French Gardner”.

Jean-Nicolas convinced his nephew to come to Portland from Belgium and he started a farm in Kennewick, Washington, while living in Portland.  That farm has been passed down through generations and still exists as Perlot Farms today.

Executive Chef, Patrick McKee, creates dishes in the same spirit of Jean-Nicolas, an adventurer and risk taker, producing dishes that are unique and globally inspired, using all locally sourced products.  The Jazz that  PERLOT offers is also globally inspired and innovative, Among the best in the northwest.  

Please come experience PERLOT!

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