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Amazing food

Chef Patrick McKee is one of the nation’s best culinary treasures. A celebrated chef with deep roots in Portland and a passion for local sourcing, Chef McKee is known for approachable but exciting food. It takes you on a journey but always somehow tastes like home.

Click to explore the menu Chef McKee has created for you.


A truly Portland legacy with old world roots

Perlot is named after owner Eric Schindele's great, great, great uncle who, in 1850, came to America from Belgium to seek fortunes in gold mining. Sailing from France, around the very southern tip of South America and up to the cost, by 1857 he had landed in Portland. He reinvented himself several times, increasingly focused on gardening, landscaping, and farming vegetables. Known as The French Gardener all around Portland, Eric’s ancestor epitomizes why we love this city. Invention, creativity, risk-taking — and staying close to the land.

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Music invented here.

Jazz at Perlot reminds us to live a vibrant, creative life. When the weather is warm, our back room doors are thrown wide open to let the sounds of soulful jazz spill into the Fremont neighborhood. When it’s rainy, people collect around the fireplace and stay warm with some of the best music in the Pacific Northwest.