Grow Your Concept


Perlot is for sale. But this is not your usual sale.

We would love to have you plant your restaurant concept in our facility. We spent so much time developing relationships with diners, jazz lovers, and neighbors, and so much money upgrading the kitchen, bar, and outdoors, that we’d love to give you a head start.

For the right buyer, we can help speed you to revenues, reduce cash flow risk, and integrate you into the communities in Portland that will help you thrive.

Our public information is below. For more information, please find the contact information you need in the documents.

Documents and video for you

  1. Business opportunity overview (presentation) (click to see PDF)

  2. Business opportunity detail (how we can work with you) (click to see PDF)

3. Non-disclosure agreement (to get more information) (including confidential and detailed information on the facility)


Please mention the code MAGNOLIA-REACH when contacting our broker.