The Twelve



Perlot wants you to join it and its partner, Clarety Flow, in developing a new way that venues and musicians collaborate.

Everyone benefits.

A dozen musicians pool their lists to create a powerful marketing platform to boost their audiences.

Venues pay them more because the marketing system proves that the musicians made a difference in attendance and revenues.

And, working together, the musicians create a series of short videos — produced by Clarety Flow for your use — on how to listen to jazz, so we can help create the next generation of jazz lovers.

You’re not alone. Eleven more of you, plus this platform, have the power to build new audiences, boost your negotiating power, and make more money — by working collaboratively with venues.

Be one of the twelve.


The platform

Your lists get marked with your name and pooled together with other selected musicians. We limit our group to twelve to encourage the group to collaborate and support each other.

The promotion machine can create mailings for all your gigs. Artwork. Content. Links to your products and CDs for sale.

It also will shoot, edit, and host videos on how to listen to jazz, for you to embed on your sites, and for sharing in mailings.

Imagine: Your next gig could be packed with people likely to love what you do, who’ve already gotten a flavor of your point of view from our mailing, and who will be listening even more closely, thanks to the guidance given by videos by you and eleven more of Portland’s top musicians.

Imagine: The platform works with your venue to set up promotion codes that result in more cash to you, when your marketing list brings people in.

Imagine: Your products and CDs sell more. Your mailing list grows faster. Your audiences get bigger. You get paid more.

Imagine: The platform can tell all of you which members on your list are your best customers — which ones show up most often, which ones buy more, which ones recommend you more. It’s your data. Use it as you want. Or turn to us to help leverage what you’ve built.

Imagine: You need newsletters designed? You’ll get one design, free. You need posters or placards designed? You’ll get one designed, free.


What we want from you

The platform is designed to make just a little bit of money each time you bring someone into a venue. That revenue comes from the restaurants, not from you.

So we don’t want your money.

What we do want is you to provide us your mailing list. We’ll help you manage it in compliance with US and international laws. We’ll help you build it. We’ll give you information about who on your list value you the most.

All twelve of us will agree on how to use it to make sure you are all comfortable that your audiences will be respected, and that the lists will never be misused.

We also need you to sit down with our video production lead at least once per month to shoot a short video on how to listen to jazz. You’ll be expected to talk about your love of jazz, how you listen to it, and how non-musicians can listen to it. You’ll be expected to play.

We’ll give you the video to review and comment on for improvement. And we’ll give you a link to the video, which we’ll host, for your use.

Why the videos? Simple. How else are we going to build the next generation of jazz (and fusion and improvised multi-genre music)? Twelve of us, working together, can get together more than 100 videos helping introduce jazz to people without a vocabulary, but with passion to be cultivated as a better audience member. (These are not jazz instructional videos for working musicians or instrumental students.)


What we’re doing now

The Twelve is in stealth mode. We’ve got our mailing list and design team. We’ve got our video shooting and editing capability. We’ve got e-commerce set up. We’ve got Perlot’s collaboration.

We’ll be launching officially in January. In the meantime, we are working with Perlot, on Fremont, to stand up a marketing program with twelve great Portland musicians and a limited board of directors pulled from the creative and educational community. With Perlot, we can prove that twelve musicians, working together, will make a significant impact on a venue’s success.

Prove this with us, and every venue in Portland will clamor for you to perform there.

And it will be swinging.

Contact Paul Ward to find out more here.